Business Solutions

The Visa Ready team can help you integrate with Visa's commercial payment APIs and ensure your solution meets Visa's B2B standards. After your solution is approved, it is added to our solution directory.

Why Visa Ready?

Visa Ready pushes the enterprise sector to thrive. Through our step-by-step integration and validation process, technology companies can pursue a range of B2B payment solutions. These solutions include enhanced data, virtual card integration, payables automation, and payment controls. Visa Ready approval shows the marketplace your solution meets Visa's specifications and security standards.

Certify your solution

Fast track your solution to market and gain access to resources and licenses. Visa Ready helps your solution meet industry standards with tools, best practices, support and more.

Tell us about your solution

Once you register, start the certification process by describing what your solution does and how it functions.

Test your solution

As your solution is tested, Visa Ready will provide guidance and materials to help your solution meet the highest industry standards.

Get approved

When it's completed, your solution will be listed in the Visa Ready solution directory for other businesses to find and learn more about.

Certify your B2B solution

Once your solution integrates Visa's commercial payment APIs, you can help facilitate virtual payments, track when payments move, and seamlessly innovate and integrate your B2B payments and support services.

Enterprise opportunities

After the certification process, take your solution to market and access Visa's network, tools, and support service to develop your solution.

Benefits for technology companies

We can help you integrate a range of B2B payment solutions, including enhanced data, virtual card integration, payables automation, and payment controls.

Start the process

Certify your solution and become a Visa Ready solution provider.