Digital payment innovation is growing and so is the need for more security. Tokenization makes these transactions more secure by replacing the cardholder's information with digital tokens. Visa is accelerating the adoption of secure, digital payments by allowing third party partners to provide access to Visa Token Service (VTS). Are you Visa Ready?

What is Tokenization?

Tokenization is a security technology that uses randomly generated unique digital identifiers ("tokens") to protect cardholder account details.

  • Token Service Providers (TSPs) are approved third party partners - connected to VTS and other networks - who help token requestors enable tokenized payments. There are two TSP types: (i) an Issuer TSP (I-TSP) provides solutions for financial institutions in participating token requestors payment services; (ii) a Token Requestor TSP (TR-TSP) allows token requestors to develop consumer digital payment solutions powered by VTS.
  • A Token Requestor (TR) is an entity that requests payment tokens for end-users. Some examples of TRs include digital wallet providers, payment enablers, merchants and IoT manufacturers. Visa Ready allows innovators to certify devices, software, and solutions used to initiate or accept Visa payments.

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Using digital payment solutions to make purchases on an enabled device is simple, convenient, and secure. Drive revenue by accepting a new generation of payment methods while adopting Visa's trusted standards.

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Visa Token Service has a unifying platform that will help you deliver your own mobile payment applications, gain access to third-party digital payment experiences, and maintain cards on-file securely.

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By connecting to VTS, issuers can access benefits such as improving payment security, adopting digital payment trends, and adding to their portfolio of customer services.

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