The acceptance of Visa Contactless at the point of access to public transport services is growing around the world, reducing the need for traditional tickets or travel smartcards. Visa is accelerating the adoption of such solutions by approving partners who are able to provide solutions that comply with Visa's requirements and recommended practices for mass transit acceptance. Are you Visa Ready?

What is Transit?

Visa cardholders can now use their contactless cards and mobile devices directly at the point of access to participating mass transit systems, removing the need to obtain a ticket prior to travel. Visa have developed global models to support scenarios where either the fare is known at the start of the journey; or where the fare is not known until after travel is complete. These models offer a high degree of flexibility to transport operators of various (or a broad range of) sizes, geographies and complexities, and can accommodate complex fare policies such as multi-modal, capping, concessionary or discounted fares. Solutions that are Visa Ready for Transit will set the benchmark for high-quality, ready-to-deploy solutions which will allow them to be implemented in a cost- and time-efficient manner. The Visa Ready team can help review and get your solution(s) certified.

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Benefits for transit merchants

By embracing the use of Visa Contactless, transit merchants can improve the customer experience they provide, enabling customers to move from A to B in a convenient and efficient way, while increasing ridership volumes and reducing ticketing overheads.

Benefits for technology partners

As more markets roll-out Visa Contactless and more transit operators adopt it as a fare media, technology partners can advertise that their solution meets Visa's global requirements and is ready to deploy.

Growth for acquirer and issuers

The rise in Visa Contactless around the world is helping to increase revenue growth for both acquirers and issuers. Financial institutions can rest assured that Visa Ready solutions have been tested and meet Visa and industry requirements and standards.

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