Mobile Point of Sale

The Mobile Point of Sale program can facilitate technology providers and other business partners (merchants, acquirers, financial institutions) to provide increased points of acceptance, as well as offering more payment options for consumers.

What is Mobile Point of Sale?

Mobile Point of Sale enables smartphones, tablets and dedicated wireless devices to accept payments without the need for a full payment terminal. Visa Ready provides standards for two types of solutions: traditional mPOS and QR code. Both are secure, convenient and can help increase revenue. When interested, the Visa Ready team can help set up, review and get your solution certified.

Traditional mPOS

Offer the flexibility of accepting contactless/magnetic stripe/chip payments through an application on a wireless device.

QR code

Facilitate payments by letting merchants present a QR code for consumers to scan.

Certify your solution

Starting the certification process is easy. Whether you're a hardware or software provider, a Visa Ready approval can provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Tell us about your solution

Once you register, start the certification process by describing what your solution does and how it functions.

Test your solution

As your solution is tested, Visa Ready will provide guidance and materials to help your solution meet the highest industry standards.

Get approved

When it's completed, your solution will be listed in the Visa Ready solution directory for other businesses to find and learn more about.

Opportunities for merchants

Accept payments on your mobile device from anywhere. By using a Visa Ready certified hardware and software solution, you'll have tools to help generate more revenue, monitor sales, and more.

Benefits to technology partners

Build and implement solutions that meet Visa's requirements for a reliable, convenient and secure mobile point-of-sale experience.

Growth for acquirers

The rise in electronic payments helps to increase revenue growth for merchants and for you. mPOS versus traditional POS solutions may increase your ROI in less time, at a fraction of the cost.

Start the process

Certify your solution and become a Visa Ready solution provider.