Tap to Phone

Visa is driving software-based POS acceptance through the Tap to Phone program, which enables sellers to accept contactless payments on smartphones and mobile devices. Sellers can turn Android–based, near-field communication (NFC)-enabled smartphones and other mobile devices into a POS device, eliminating the need for additional card readers (e.g., dongle or attachment).

Why Visa Ready?

By joining Visa Ready’s Tap to Phone program, you can develop and launch a Tap to Phone solution according to Visa’s technical requirements, certify your solution, and pilot your solution in market. You will also have the option to partner with developers offering approved Tap to Phone solutions. 

Get Started

To register and learn more about Tap to Phone, please refer to the option that applies:

I am a Solution Provider

New to tap to phone?

  1. Visit Visa Technology Partner (VTP).
  2. Create an account
  3. During the registration process, include Tap to Phone in the text box labeled “Product and Service Overview” section.
  4. Next steps will be shared via your registered email.

Already have an account on Visa Technology Partner:

  1. Email [email protected] to subscribe to the Tap to Phone program library in VTP.
  2. Next steps will be shared via your registered email.

I am an Acquirer

Login to Visa Online (VOL).

  1. If you are not yet enrolled, please fill out the enrollment form found in the homepage Enroll Today! option.
  2. Once Logged in, follow this navigation: Products => Digital Solutions => Tap to Phone

For questions, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help you navigate the process..

Benefits for Sellers

Accept card payments from customers without needing additional payment hardware 

Benfits for Solution Providers

Enter new markets, onboard new sellers, and increase digital acceptance.

Start the process

Certify your solution and become a Visa Ready solution provider.