Visa Digital Commerce Program

Visa aims to help simplify and secure digital payments with the Visa Digital Commerce Program (DCP). Visa DCP is comprised of solutions that address core digital payment types, including unique transactions, stored card, and recurring payments. Solutions include Visa Secure Remote Commerce (Visa SRC) and Visa Token Service (VTS) for card-not-present transactions, as well as accompanying value-added services.

Core Program Services

Visa Secure Remote Commerce: Visa's implementation of EMV® Secure Remote Commerce standard, Visa SRC aims to provide a simple and secure card payment experience by optimizing the collection of payment details from consumers where a stored card is not being used for the digital transaction. Visa SRC transactions can benefit from the security of the Visa Token Service, and together these services form the foundation of Visa's new digital payment experience

Visa Token Service Card on File: Visa Token Service offers another layer of security by replacing sensitive cardholder information, such as personal account numbers and expiration dates, with a unique digital identifier (a "token") that can be used for payment without exposing a cardholder's more sensitive account information.

EMV® is a registered trademark in the U.S.and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. The EMV trademark is owned by EMVCo, LLC.

Potential Benefits to the ecosystem

Enhanced Security: Removal of PAN entry & storage, replaced with stored Network Tokens can reduce fraud rates and decrease impact of data breach. Visa value-added services including device-binding & consumer authentication can help enhance security.

Simplified UX: Known consumer and standards-based solutions built to enhance card-based payments within existing merchant checkout environments, can lead to a more streamlined, consistent experience for the consumer.

Increased conversion and authoriziation approval rates: Based on early trials, conversion for password-less experiences in Visa DCP could be as high as 92-94% [1] vs. today's conversion rates for merchant guest checkouts. Merchants can also choose the save the consumer's account on file, with the consumer's consent.

[1] Visa Checkout product data Oct 24 - Nov 2, 2017 for a best-in-class mobile hybrid plugin merchant with touch enabled and Visa Checkout product data for SSI Oct 1 - Dec 31, 2017

Increase Security

With Visa DCP, merchants will be able to benefit from VTS replacing sensitive cardholder information with a token. Tokenization also provides added security protection from data breaches that occur elsewhere in the ecosystem.

Create Simplicity

Based on the EMV SRC Specification, Visa DCP aims to enable consumers to access their cards through a simple, password-less experience that is consistent across participating merchants.

Increasing conversion and authorization approval rates

Based on early trials, conversion for password-less experiences in VDCP could be as high as 92 - 94%

Potential benefits for card holders

Anticipate faster, more secure transactions with the removal of PAN key entry and storage, replaced by tokenized solution Consumer credentials are stored securely and ready to pay conveniently when they need them.

EMV common mark for SRC transactions and card art builds consumer trust in digital transactions.

Card credentials will update automatically, where stored with merchants who sign up for Lifecycle Management.

Potential Benefits for Gateways & Acquirers

Provide merchants and their consumers with optimized card payment experiences across digital commerce.

Increase platform security with network tokens and removal of PAN key entry.

Combat fraud in eCommerce, leveraging device-binding & consumer authentication.

Show support for digital payment standards.

Utilize Visa support for seamless integration.

Potential Benefits for Merchants

Improved conversion rates: simplifies card-based payments online, eliminating reducing friction for consumers, which can improve conversion rates.

Increased sales: network tokenization supports higher authorization rates with dynamic data, lifecycle management to reduce expired credentials, and value-added services.

Increase security: replacing PAN entry & storage with network tokens increases protection from data breach exposure.

Support standards based integrations & reduced fraud.

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